A Different Way
to Write & Draw

Research & Development

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PushnDraw® is a registered trademark of Professor Ashley John Pigford.


Assistive Writing
& Drawing Device


The Pushndraw™  has been developed with contributions by so many people over many years. This is a continuosly growing list. 

Dr. Michele A. Lobo, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Dr. Adam M. Wickenheiser
Sara Dugan
Logan Butler 
Eric Forman
Julie Donohue
Eric Tommer
Yang Tang
Reenee Donohoe
Kimber Baird
Dr. Jennifer Ty
Jake Leffler
Chrystal Becker
Gaby, Hector and Nicholas Echavarria
Angey Wilson
Brad Lahaie
Tanya and Anna Techentine
Phyllis and Sean Guinivan
Gretchen and Roger Yeager
Deb and Haley Shiber
Molly Buck Richard
Tracy Shank